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The Latina Trailblazer is for the bada** ambitious woman on a mission to become her best self! 

She is breaking generational habits while building her legacy— she is a trailblazer! 

I explore the intersection of the first-generation experience, growth mindset, and overcoming imposter syndrome. I answers questions such as:

  • How can we overcome fear, imposter syndrome, and use our adversity to build confidence?

  • How can we be proud of our cultures in spaces that don’t celebrate it?

  • What is the biggest gap between immigrant parents and first-generation Americans?

Learn how to harness your adversity, embrace your roots, and unlock your potential to live a fulfilled life while still honoring your ancestry. The Latina Trailblazer will help you discover how to achieve your dreams, gain confidence, and feel less alone in your pursuit towards self-fulfillment.

Check out what people are saying!

"If you're looking to be inspired, look no further. The stories in this book of Latinas who overcame adversity will surely motivate you to reevaluate your abilities and pursue your dreams." 

Aimée Eubanks Davis

 Founder & CEO Braven

"If you're the kind of person who won't stand for vapid platitudes and needs her pep talks delivered with facts, stats, receipts and a side of ya tu sabes then The Latina Trailblazer is for you. As a Latina living in a country that pathologizes and maligns us at every turn, this is the newest tool in the toolbox we all need to stay sane and keep up the fight."

Nathalie Molina Niño,

Investor and Author of Leapfrog, The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs

"The Latina Trailblazer is an uplifting and relatable read that will have you laughing and crying tears at the same time. Janet puts the spotlight on the voices of Latina entrepreneurs, a group that has long been ignored. This is a book that every aspiring founder needs and I’m so glad it’s finally here."

Pamela Martinez

Co-founder and CTO of Snowball Wealth

"The Latina Trailblazer is an engaging and inspirational book and a lesson for us all of how these young women used their grit, resilience and courage to persevere, no matter how daunting the circumstances. Janet shares real stories of women who have turned adversity into a strength, the promising rising generation of America."

Sylvia Acevedo

Corporate Board Member, CEO, Author, Tech Exec

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