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Who Do You Think You Are? is for the bada** ambitious woman on a mission to become her best self! 

She is breaking generational habits while building her legacy— she is a trailblazer, to say the least! If this sounds like you, throw on your power suit, and join me on this journey!


My book will be published in December 2021 by New Degree Press.

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Who is janet?

Janet Escobar is a marketing consultant who studied business analytics in Silicon Valley. She spent most of her college career exploring entrepreneurship, women empowerment, and career success through self-improvement books and programs aimed to empower minorities.


She is an advocate for Braven, a career success program that helps minorities with career development, and an ambassador for Snowball Wealth, a company that helps first-generation Americans build generational wealth.


Growing up with a single mother and no mentors who could guide her through higher education or the professional world lit a fire in her to empower the next generation of Latinas.