Girl On Fire by Cara Leyba

Although I have exhausted "Girl Boss" content, I read so many great reviews about the book "Girl On Fire" that led me to purchase it-And I am so glad I finally did! Cara’s book lit a fire in me. She offers excellent advice, implementable tools, and inspirational stories about her life and business.

Additionally, she asks well-structured questions at the end of each chapter to encourage introspection. I read the book first (it was that good), then went back to answer the questions.

Here are six lessons I learned from the book:


"Don't wait until someone gives you the title, or approval to be who you want to be."

Cara didn't wait for a publisher to publish her book. She worked her ass off and self-published on Amazon. She continued to write books, and despite not being signed to an agency, she gave herself the title of an author. Her story is a testimony that you should always choose yourself. Create opportunities for yourself and make things happen!