Interview with Annabel Gatto-Founder of Suitably

Annabel is the founder of Suitably, a women’s workwear company that offers the foundation of a woman's wardrobe - all machine washable and under $100. Before founding suitably, she collected data from two thousand women and found that 8 out of 10 were frustrated with the process of shopping for workwear because it’s often too expensive, poor fitting, unflattering, or stores don’t have the main essentials.

She solved this problem by creating a one-stop-shop where women can find high quality, highly functional workwear without compromising style, comfort, or price. Their clothes provide confidence and are intentionally made to be versatile so you can dress it up for a night out or down for professional casual wear.

Suitably is more than just a solid wardrobe—it's a growing network—a resource for all things success` with like-minded women.

I LOVE what suitably stands for. Confidence, women empowerment, and achieving goals in style? I mean, it’s the perfect combo!

When do you feel the most empowered?

My passion in life has always been working to improve the lives of others. I feel most empowered when I am mentoring and supporting other women. As women, it’s so important we root each other on. There is room for all of us to be successful! Suitably can but does not have to be a part of