Interview With Jennifer Deangelis-CEO of SuiteSocial

Jennifer is the CEO of SuiteSocial, a Saas company, focused on making the next generation of workers in the passion economy a happy and profitable workforce. Additionally, she creates content on her social media platforms, and most recently, her podcast ("All Things Jen"). She discusses fitness, entrepreneurship, personal development, manifestation, and goal setting-she truly does it all!

Jen has a track record for achieving challenging goals-from getting into UC Berkeley Haas for her MBA to being CEO of a thriving tech company, she achieves what she sets out to do. She inspired me to continue pursuing my goals no matter what. Through her actionable and practical advice, I was able to gain confidence and achieve my personal goals.

*disclaimer- I did not record the call, but took extensive notes.

What woman inspires you and what’s the best advice she has given you?

Jen and Dania, her best friend, navigated the professional working world together. They had their first 'big girl' job together and were both promoted fairly quickly. By the end, they were leading their teams and doing pretty well for their age. Jen said, Donya is very spiritual, and unapologetically herself; By purely being herself, she brings light to any room and is probably one of the reasons why she was able to excel as much as she did in her career.