Interview with Fernanda Sulantay-PhD Candidate at Yale & Latinas in STEM Advocate

Fernanda grew up in El Salvador and moved to the U.S. at 19 years old. It was hard for her to acclimate because the culture was VERY different, the people were less friendly, the weather was too cold, and she couldn't communicate effectively in English. She spoke a little bit of English before coming to the U.S, but when she started school, she was placed in ESL classes. After a few months studying English, she forced herself to go back to school, despite being afraid that her English would not be up to par.

Her academic journey began at a community college, but then graduated with her Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering. She is continuing her educational journey by pursuing a Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Yale. When she is not researching in her lab or studying, she influences her Latinx community on social and is raising her baby boy.

Her go-getter personality has resulted in many accomplishments, but one of the most incredible things about her is how humble she remains. It has been so cool becoming her virtual friend! In this interview, she shares her habits, advice, and even some of the cool tech she hopes to see come to life!

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