Interview with Haley Hoffman Smith-Entrepreneur, Author, Model, Actress, & Host

Haley is an entrepreneur, author of “She is Without Limits” and “Her Big Idea”, named Forbes Most Influential Speaker, Model, Actress, and Host. Wow! That was a mouthful! Lucky for us, she shares her habits and strategies on social media, and recently, her podcast Big Conversations. Her mission is to help people bring their "pipe dreams" and biggest life visions to fruition.

You know that one person you don't know, but instantly puts you in a good mood when you watch their content? Well, she is that person for me. Her social platforms are full of substance- from manifestation to actionable advice to her upbeat personality. Her videos, tips, and advice have encouraged me to go after my goals. She was so awesome during the interview, and gave great advice:

How do you voice your accomplishments without sounding too modest, and truly become your own cheerleader?

Sharing your accomplishments is important because people need to see that you succeeded so they can believe that they can do it, too. Because they can! I’ve learned that I inspire others MOST by showing my accomplishments that I’ve had by virtue of my merit. One of my recent podcast guests, Jam Gamble, said on the episode something that really stuck with me to this end: “ I didn’t come this far to play it safe and be quiet about it.” Voicing your accomplishments is part of the journey!

Also, who you surround yourself with is so important. You deserve friends who cheer you on. The right ones will, always! They’ll celebrate your successes genuinely. If people aren’t cheering you on, you may need a better circle.