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Interview with Haley Hoffman Smith-Entrepreneur, Author, Model, Actress, & Host

Haley is an entrepreneur, author of “She is Without Limits” and “Her Big Idea”, named Forbes Most Influential Speaker, Model, Actress, and Host. Wow! That was a mouthful! Lucky for us, she shares her habits and strategies on social media, and recently, her podcast Big Conversations. Her mission is to help people bring their "pipe dreams" and biggest life visions to fruition.

You know that one person you don't know, but instantly puts you in a good mood when you watch their content? Well, she is that person for me. Her social platforms are full of substance- from manifestation to actionable advice to her upbeat personality. Her videos, tips, and advice have encouraged me to go after my goals. She was so awesome during the interview, and gave great advice:

How do you voice your accomplishments without sounding too modest, and truly become your own cheerleader?

Sharing your accomplishments is important because people need to see that you succeeded so they can believe that they can do it, too. Because they can! I’ve learned that I inspire others MOST by showing my accomplishments that I’ve had by virtue of my merit. One of my recent podcast guests, Jam Gamble, said on the episode something that really stuck with me to this end: “ I didn’t come this far to play it safe and be quiet about it.” Voicing your accomplishments is part of the journey!

Also, who you surround yourself with is so important. You deserve friends who cheer you on. The right ones will, always! They’ll celebrate your successes genuinely. If people aren’t cheering you on, you may need a better circle.

How do you bounce back after a failure?

The second company I started not only failed, but I also lost a business partner-a friend who I thought was going to be my business partner for the long run. I started my book with that story because I wanted to show people that failures don’t have to be the end; that is what makes her big idea. You’re not a failure unless you let it be the end of your story. Everything that happens to us is not the end all be all.

It goes back to the idea of good versus bad-reframe your mind by realizing that no’s are not a reflection of your worth. I’ve gotten into the habit of ‘numbing the no’s’ - making them hurt less since they don’t really mean much. Here’s an example I always tell my friends: you could have a perfect job or college application and be an amazing person, but if you are not supposed to be there, the universe will steer you away from that opportunity. Whatever is for you can’t be taken away, and what is not meant for you will be clear.

What woman inspires you, and what’s the best advice she has given you?

My mom-She taught me EFT (emotional freedom technique, which I recommend to anyone) and has raised me to feel like there is nothing that I can’t handle. No matter what comes up in life, I know there are tools to handle it. She inspires me, and I hope to be more like her!

How do you balance manifestation with actionable steps?

One doesn’t work without the other. I practice meditation and visualization at night, so once it’s time to wake up, I get so excited that I rush to get the day started. By using affirmations, you are using that energy and excitement to propel the action. There is no attraction without action. Even the word itself (attraction) has the word action in it! That’s intentional!

How do you get rid of analysis paralysis when working on a project or new venture?

I think it’s important to understand that analysis paralysis is not perfectionism; it’s self-sabotaging and you do it to try to keep yourself safe. In the process, you keep yourself small, too. Prioritize the creative flow by building that trust within yourself that you will share the right information with those who need it most, and that your project will be good by virtue of what you’re putting into it.

How do you overcome feeling down and still perform at your best?

Your first perception of a situation will dictate what happens. Ask yourself, “How can I make this the best thing that will ever happen to me?” I believe everything is happening for me, not to me (to quote Abraham Hicks), and I’m going to go all-in on it. You’re always in charge of whether you view something positively or negatively, no matter what the situation is. It takes strength and practice, but you’ll be all the better for it.

What qualities do your closest friends have?

We hold each other accountable, check-in with each other, and see how we can support each other’s dreams. We love to have fun and go out, but sometimes we just drink coffee and work and hold each other accountable to go pedal to the metal. My closest friends push me to think bigger. You need friends who cheer you on and see your dreams in the same vibrancy that you do!

What is your favorite quote?

It would have to be from my favorite poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. The whole POEM speaks to me in incredible ways, but my favorite part says, “Flare up like big flames and make big shadows that I can move in.” The idea of the poem is that it’s God talking to us - saying that the Universe will meet us halfway and do the magic in the shadows of our brave and massive action. I also love the line that says, “Go to the limits of your longing.”

What is a resource or book that you would like to recommend to someone who wants to improve their life?

EFT for sure! Try free videos on YouTube by Brad Yates to reprogram your subconscious. I also LOVE the “You Are A Badass” series by Jen Sincero!

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