Interview with Karina Ramirez-Digital Project Manager & Latinas in STEM Advocate

Karina is a first-gen college graduate who pursued a degree in computer science, despite the lack of diversity within the field. Through her actions and generous support, she has helped many young women feel included in the tech community.

When I initially met Karina, I was seeking advice, but after our meeting I came out with something better-a supportive friend who encourages me to continue my journey in this highly competitive industry.

After only a year in her role, she now works on large international projects, i.e., the Olympics! In this interview, she shares advice on how to stand out in your career and free resources that you can leverage!

What message or advice would you give to recent graduates right now?

My advice would be to network right away. By looking for online resources and reaching out to people who are in the field you want to be in, you will have a better chance of landing opportunities.

Some of the groups that helped me were Latinas in Tech, Techqueria, and Tech Ladies. They are great resources because they not only provide job boards, events, and relevant news, but they also offer mentorship and an uplifting community. The best thing about these groups is that they make an effort to help you reach your goals. You will always find someone willing to help.