Managing Oneself by Peter F. Trucker

When I asked myself, "What does managing oneself even look like?" I came up with this characterization: It looks like creating a prosperous career, accomplishing continuous goals, being content with your life journey, and ultimately, knowing your essence to the core. Without asking yourself who you are at your core, you might spend your life going in the wrong direction, believing you are incompetent or becoming someone you don't like.

This book is small but filled with questions to spark introspection. I highly recommend this little book, but most importantly, really taking the time to answer these questions.

What Are My Strengths?

When you feel you appertain in a company, organization, or position that aligns with your strengths, your contributions will transcend.

One way to discover your strengths is through feedback analysis. Go to work on acquiring the skills and knowledge you need to realize your strengths fully. You can do this by writing down the outcome you expect, then 9-12 months later, compare the results.