The Financial Diet by Chelsea Fagan

“One day you are going to either wish you had been smarter about how you worked, lived, and saved-or be incredibly glad that you were so savvy while you were young.” -Chelsea Fagan

The Financial Diet has advice that helps navigate the journey that comes with “adulting”. However, for those who are financially savvy, I would say this book lacks an in depth view of each section. Each section could literally be its own book. Regardless, I found learnings that are great for young adults.


The prominent culture of self-care has influenced people to spend recklessly. Some use self-care to excuse their expensive habits that are quite frankly out of their budget. In reality, true self-care is adopting practices that will preserve holistic health.

“Don't exceed your ability to pay shit back within a month.”

Cait Flanders said you should trust your gut when spending money. You know in your head and heart when something might not be financially sound. When she would spend money on something she couldn't afford, her body warned her. I know this feeling all too well. I used to spend a significant amount of money on my irrational weekly shopping sprees. It was not my finest moment, but I eventually got tired of feeling guilty.