-Oscar Wilde

"If one cannot read a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all."

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Throughout my life, I’ve been aware of statistics like:


  • Only 54% of students graduate Lloyd High School

  • 32% of El Camino Community College students transfer to a 4-year university

  • 15% of Hispanics in California have a bachelor's degree


When I was younger, I sometimes looked at these statistics as if they were my destiny. I often thought to myself, “who do you think you are?” And at the time, I didn’t really have an answer. But now, I say, “I am the story that others can use to beat the odds of becoming a statistic.” I am a proud first-generation, Latina, and San Jose State undergraduate. 


Some of the accomplishments I'm proud of are:

  • My B.S in Business Analytics

  • Being a Business Analyst Intern at Chegg

  • Presenting in front of the Chegg CEO 

  • Developing a prototype on Adobe XD